Case study

Together Feltex and Autovest own a bigger ‘share’ per vehicle

High barriers
to entry

The acquisition of the Autovest group of brands added scale to the automotive components division, positioning it to become a market leader in providing OEMs, automotive dealerships and individual customers with high-quality vehicle accessories.

In addition to the components produced by Feltex, which are used in the assembly of vehicles, aftermarket accessories, which include towbars, bullbars, rollbars, canopies, vehicle protection products and spray-on bin linings, increase the division’s total ‘share’ per vehicle.

For both new vehicle component and aftermarket products, the automotive components division can build on its reputation of supplying world-class OEM-approved products. Feltex brings years of experience and intellectual property at improving manufacturing efficiencies and quality, which is also beneficial to the manufacture of products for Autovest’s aftermarket sales. With increased expertise in manufacturing and processes adding to the quality of products, it is geared to grow its market penetration.

As part of the process to integrate Autovest into the KAPautomotive components division and to streamline its offering to the market, Autovest consolidated five stand-alone businesses into two. Instead of operating independently branded outlets, Autovest franchise outlets are being rolled out nationally where all product brands can be bought and installed as part of the aftermarket service to customers.

The integration includes benefits for:

KAP Automotive

There is a clear focus to service the automotive industry by providing assembly components and aftermarket accessories. It provides the opportunity to service OEMs with component parts for locally manufactured vehicles and aftermarket accessories for locally produced and imported vehicles.


A consolidated, one brand approach translates into a coordinated growth plan, which improves manufacturing, logistics, administrative, sourcing and sales efficiencies. The focus is to build one brand and to improve the customer experience.

The franchisee

More than 118 franchisees nationwide are serviced by one team providing a basket of products and with a co-ordinated marketing, training and network expansion plan. The strategy is to grow the franchisee network to offer an inclusive basket of products to OEMs and dealerships.

The customer

Dealerships and OEMs are provided with a broad range of approved quality products from a single supplier. This reduces the risk for dealership customers and improves their ability to service their customers, ensuring quality and OEM-approved products fitted through a highly skilled franchisee network. Accessories can be fitted on-site at the dealership or through the Autovest network.

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