Feltex manages new model changes without
compromising production efficiencies

Solid returns on
capital employed

Feltex has been producing and supplying vehicle components to OEMs in South Africa for the past 35 years, working closely with the international vehicle brands and partnering with preferred technical and tooling suppliers.

Feltex has the experience, knowledge and expertise to successfully tender, test and implement any new vehicle model changes of the OEMs. Careful planning allows Feltex
to implement new model builds alongside their existing production lines.

The process to implement a new model takes three years on average – from the first request for quotes (RFQ), to the start of production of the new vehicle model. During this process Feltex is actively involved with the OEM and its preferred technical and tooling service providers. Due to the duration and process up to the changeover, Feltex can effectively plan its capex, production volumes (current and new) and allow for any downtime that may occur at the start of production of a new line. Its trusted relationships
with the OEMs and technical partners, as a preferred supplier in South Africa, allow for long-term planning and the implementation of new technology and processes that
increase efficiencies.

Group strategy


Preferred supplier to key vehicle brand OEMs, possessing local knowledge and experience to effectively implement new model changes

High barriers
to entry

Access to capital for new technology implementation and established national presence

Adding value through

Access to international technical partnerships and experience


Long-term planning in close association with the OEMs

Pipe-line planning worked into annual and long-term production planning schedules

Upgrading production lines with new technology and new processes to increase efficiencies, while delivering on output expectations

Results and benefits

Ability to effectively plan for long-term equipment upgrades or changes enables Feltex to manage capex and production volumes.

Continuous upgrades to equipment contribute to increased efficiencies, ultimately driving down input costs.

Close relationships with the OEMs and international technology partners make Feltex a preferred supplier to the automotive industry in Africa.

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