A R5.8 million investment in a turbo charger increased resin production capacity by 9.7% to supply higher UF* resin demand.

Woodchem installed a pressurisation fan that increased its UF resin production capacity by 10 600 tons per annum. This increase in capacity fulfils the higher demand for resin.

UF is produced in a continuous-flow process using methanol and oxygen. Air extracted from the atmosphere contains the oxygen that reacts with the methanol through a catalytic oxidation system to produce formalin (the base product for formaldehyde and UF). The methanol reacts with the oxygen at a concentration level of 11%. In order to increase the methanol flow, and ultimately the final product, a greater volume of oxygen had to be added to the system to ensure a consistent concentration level and methanol conversion rate.

A turbo charger (pressurisation fan) was installed in the continuous-flow system, enabling the plant to extract
a higher volume of air from the atmosphere to maintain the required level of oxygen concentration.

The increased volume of air directly increased the volume of methanol being processed, which ultimately enabled the factory to produce at higher volumes.

* Urea formaldehyde concentrate


Market leadership

High barriers to entry


Investment in equipment improved the manufacturing process, which directly increased the input and output quantities.


The consistent level of oxygen concentration mitigates against non-conversion of methanol and results in higher efficiencies and improved capacity.


The extra 3 700 tons of methanol consumed allowed an additional 10 600 tons of resin to be produced per annum.

Increased revenue:
The increased production volumes will result in an estimated 7.6% increase in
sales volumes.

Increased man-power:
Each team increased by one
team member to manage
the additional delivery of
methanol resin.

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