Increases efficiencies while saving carbon emissions
  • 16 new generation road trains in operations in the mining sector
  • Unitrans Agriculture and Mining owns and operates 30 ultra heavy-duty road trains
  • 22 000 tons of product transported daily – 75 to 125 tons per trip
  • Driver behaviour is closely linked to the sustainability of efficiencies and monitored to ensure that the benefits are carried through on a long-term basis
  • 36% decrease in fuel cost per ton of product transported


Investment in infrastructure and technology



Invested R180m in fleet upgrades and new technology land trains at key mining contracts.


Improved efficiencies on cost/km, saving in fuel costs, increased margin, reduction of CO₂e emissions.


With the new technology land trains and controlled driving behaviour, significant savings on fuel usage was achieved. Fuel usage decreased by 36% per ton of product transported (compared to a standard road legal combination), which directly translates into CO₂e reductions. These savings are shared with customers, resulting in Unitrans Agriculture and Mining becoming a preferred long-term supplier with a proven ability to reduce costs.

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