Community development, education and training
More than R1,2 million is spent
annually on employee training and development programmes at PG Bison's Ugie businesses.

Training includes, among others, aspects of silviculture, machine operations, harvesting, production line management, skills development and fire fighting. With the establishment of Eastern Cape Forest (ECF) (the plantation), a team of people were identified and trained as specialist machine operators. Four of them have developed to become graduated foresters after receiving bursaries and completing their studies at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Continuous investment of time and funds through PG Bison’s establishment, enhancement and involvement in various projects has significantly improved the community on many levels. These investments include ad hoc donations to worthwhile local initiatives.

PG Bison’s strategy to improve local education also extends to improve the quality of the local schools. In association with four other partners it has established a rewarding project that is already reaping benefits, with a significant increase in pass rates.

The annual PG Bison Soccer Knock-out Cup and Netball tournament creates a platform for communication, community participation and additional partnership development. The tournament is used as a vehicle to unite the residents of Ugie, Maclear, Mount Fletcher and Elliot.

During the tournament approximately 4 000 people are involved as players, referees, coaches, supporters, performers, service providers, volunteers, charities or as supporting employees. Two thousand people are direct beneficiaries through their work over the course of the weekend, and everyone who attends the tournament, as a player or a spectator, receives cooked meals with supplies being bought from local businesses.


Social awareness



Support consumer development in emerging markets.




The group contributes towards community development and corporate responsibility investment and will continue to support the communities which it serves through sustainable initiatives.

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