To consolidate the group’s operations into a single business with a single strategy and focused management team

Profitable revenue

Consolidating the ‘Unitrans Freight and Logistics’ and ‘Unitrans Fuel, Agriculture and Mining’ divisions into ‘One Unitrans’ resulted in the strategic realignment of the company. The strategy and corporate structure now aligns with clearly defined markets and areas of operation. Focused on contractual logistics, Unitrans is well positioned to facilitate growth within specific industry sectors, to optimise the utilisation of assets and infrastructure and to improve efficiencies.

Group strategy


Scale benefits of
one consolidated organisation that is geared for growth

Adding value through

Centres of excellence provide specialist logistics solutions to specific sectors

Leveraging our
African base

South African framework provides the basis for a consolidated service offering in African territories


The ‘One Unitrans’ strategy was rolled out across all business units and shared with its 9 060 employees.

Existing business silos were reorganised into centres of excellence, internal competition and duplication were eliminated and an environment that nurtures cooperation throughout the business’s areas of specialisation was created.

A framework of values that acts as Unitrans’ guiding principles was created, focusing on the following:

Integrity and honesty are core to our existence, we strive to be above suspicion and beyond reproach

We are passionate and committed to the cause and do not tolerate less than the best

We share in a sense of ownership as if it is our own business and we are accountable for results, actions and outcomes

We believe in the value of teamwork, respect for others, self and the environment

We remain humble in our pursuit to be the best

Part of the process was to bring diverse teams together to believe in a united Unitrans. Activities of reorganisation included:

Reallocating employees to better utilise key skills and experience.

All operational executives were brought together into one head office, creating one executive team

Redistribution and improved allocation of assets between contracts to align with short and long-term requirements of the business

Simplifying and coordinating business development initiatives between business units and centres of excellence.

Reorganising shared infrastructure led to the consolidation of three administrative centres (previously located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban) into one head office in Cape Town. Multiple depots, workshops and training centres, spread across various contracts were also brought together into five central locations.

Standardising all ERP and IT systems throughout the group.

Results and benefits

The reorganisation of the business made it possible to maximise synergies and opportunities within the business units; it improved efficiencies by focusing on core competencies; it increased teamwork and improved utilisation of intrastructure and assets. Working together as ‘One Unitrans’ led to a renewed focus on customer service and revenue growth.

Bringing together management and operational teams, consolidating premises and simplifying the sales activities enhanced cooperation, improved effective decision making and eliminated any confusion the old structure might have created with customers.

The business is focused on world-class safety and compliance in all spheres of its operations – aimed at achieving excellence.

Aligned with core customers through innovation and continuous improvement, Unitrans is in a position to provide a value offering that will
ensure its sustainability. Business units are now aligned in their approach with contract tenders within specific sectors. Improved communications and teamwork will also lead to faster and more effective decision-making.

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