A world class event with a social conscience
14 – 18 May 2019
A warm welcome from KAP

Over the past three years KAP has partnered with sani2c as title sponsor and B-BBEE partner. It has been a positive experience for us and as a result we have extended our involvement until 2020.

We have used this partnership over the past three years to expose KAP and its operating companies to potential customers, suppliers, business partners and investors who take part. We have learned a lot about people’s knowledge, understanding and perceptions, or lack thereof, of KAP, and we hope to improve this over time through the event. Being involved with sani2c has also created excitement across the various businesses within our company, with more staff and business partners taking part in the event each year.

We have received constructive feedback from riders, customers, staff, investors and suppliers about the event and our involvement – both positive and negative. This feedback is invaluable. Every year Glen and his team do an enormous amount to improve the experience for the riders and spectators and to increase the benefits flowing to the communities. We strive to support Glen in these endeavours.

The sani2c team delivers a world-class event for the riders and spectators in what is a significant and very complex undertaking. The humble and understated manner in which Glen goes about this is a real lesson in leadership.

Radio 702 Mark Lewis KAP sani2c 2018 interview

We feel that our partnership with sani2c has been successful, supported by an alignment in values and good brand association between KAP and sani2c. We hope that your experience of the event as riders and spectators will be positive and enjoyable.

We look forward to a successful 2018 event and we wish you all the very best for the three days.

Gary Chaplin – CEO of KAP Industrial Holdings Ltd

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