KAP’s integrated bedding division manufactures foam, fabrics, springs, bases and mattresses.

The businesses in this division share manufacturing expertise and an
end-customer focus.

Michael Metz
Divisional CEO
of total group
1 497*
105 000 m3 *
production space
+300 000*
mattresses produced
* FY2016
Products and brands
Manufacturer of mattresses and base sets under the following brands:
Restonic, Genessi, Sleepmasters, Dunlopillo, Cozy Nights and Vita Rest
Manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam, expanded polyethylene
and fibre products for various industrial applications
Manufacturer of knitted and woven jacquard fabrics for use
in the mattress industry
Key facts
Increased demand from customers for new technology products
Savings in logistics costs
Improved lead times to delivery
Reduced customer support response times
Growth outside of South African borders

Restonic is a preferred supplier of beds and mattresses to the leading furniture retailers in
South Africa.

In 1981, Michael Metz started Metz Bedding, which subsequently became Restonic (an international brand manufactured under licence). This family business was incorporated into the manufacturing division of KAP Industrial in January 2015.

With over 31 years’ experience in the mattress manufacturing industry, Restonic has secured
its position as a strong household brand, which is recognised as the bed of choice by the South African consumer. The small management and
300 employees are motivated, passionate people who have exceptional experience in the industry. Their drive for attention to detail, aim to succeed, as well as consistently providing superior products, supported the business’s consistent growth.


Vitafoam SA is the largest producer of flexible polyurethane foam in South Africa and has been in existence for over 35 years. Its range of products is comprehensive and offers solutions to a multitude
of technical problems in a variety of markets. From its beginnings in the early 1960s it has spread nationwide, now manufacturing in five locations throughout South Africa offering flexible polyurethane foam and processed polyester fibre.

While predominantly involved in the furniture and bedding markets, Vitafoam’s continuous research and development quest for new applications has resulted in a significant turnover in the industrial sectors, e.g. packaging, cleaning and insulation. This continuous search for new products and markets has led to the successful development of such diverse foams as UK-approved fire-retardant foams, viscous (or memory) foams and ultra-high hardness packaging foams.


A Cape Town-based jacquard weaving mill/company that manufactures fabrics for the bedding industry in South Africa. DesleeMattex (previously known as Mattex) was established in 1962. We pride ourselves in supplying high-performance, durable mattress fabric with fashionable woven patterns, using innovative yarns and finishes. Our product range covers soft panel fabrics with modern geometric designs or three-dimensional fabrics for borders
and bases, turning the old mattress into an item of furniture.


Our customers get customised designs to promote their individual brands out in the retail. Thanks to our local presence, innovation, design and product development are attuned more closely to the local needs.


DesleeMattex, previously known as Mattex to
the South African market, signed a joint venture agreement with Deslee Clama in March 2010. This international Belgian textile company owns
40% of Mattex, while KAP is the majority shareholder. Deslee Clama owns factories in Belgium, Romania, the United States, Indonesia and Brazil, with sales offices in Spain, Singapore and India. This partnership brings new technology to the South African market by means of state-of-the-art air jet looms and circular knitting equipment.

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