Feltex Automotive comprises six strategic business units (BUs) that supply products directly and indirectly to all South African Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Working closely with international technology partners and local OEMs, Feltex has created a highly efficient automotive components company.

Feltex Fehrer

Through a strategic partnership with German company Fehrer AG, the company is the key player in moulded seat pads and headrests in South Africa. Further partnerships with Swiss company Autoneum and the American IAC Group have also placed us on a firm footing in the automotive acoustics and thermal management markets.

There is a strong culture of interdependence and synergy among the BUs, yet each is managed as an individual profit centre with its own management team. Key business drivers are consistent quality, outstanding service, investment in modern technology, environmental responsibility and competitive pricing. The company is continually investing in expanding existing factories and developing new facilities. All BUs have achieved a strong supply position in their product sectors and this has enabled the businesses to achieve competitive prices through economy of scale.

Manufacturing facilities in Durban, Rosslyn, Ga-Rankuwa, Port Elizabeth and East London are situated in close proximity to the OEM plants. Integrated computerised information technology systems link into the customer’s electronic data interchange production planning systems.

Feltex Foam

Situated in Durban, this business produces a wide range of polyester and polyether flexible, semi-rigid and rigid thermoformable polyurethane foams in peeled and shaped component format. Most of the output is delivered to the automotive market where a significant market share has been achieved. The foam laminates the fabric to the car seat. Foam products are also supplied to the apparel, filtration, footwear and leisure industries.

IAC Feltex (49%)

IAC Feltex is a joint venture with American group International Automotive Components, and manufactures tufted carpets for use in the Feltex Automotive Trim and Caravelle Automotive Carpets business units. This partnership introduced the manufacture of automotive A, B and C pillars to South Africa for the first time.

Feltex Automotive Trim

This BU is the leading supplier of a wide range of quality automotive acoustic and trim components, including main floor carpets, dash insulators, engine and passenger compartment insulators, trunk packages, parcel shelves and sun visors, seat back trim, trunk mats, roof and bonnet liners, exterior textile and wheelhouse liners. Acoustic components are developed to reduce the noise in the passenger compartments of motor vehicles.

It is also a first-tier supplier to all the leading OEMs. Long-term technology and licensing agreements have been established with global leaders in the manufacture of automotive and trim components. The raw materials for use by the converting units are manufactured in-house, thus enhancing our position in the market through vertical integration.

Caravelle Automotive Carpets

This BU specialises in the manufacture of overlay car carpets, using fine gauge nylon tufted and high-quality polyester random velour needle felt products, designed to suit the latest global styling trends, local market and customer requirements. Caravelle supplies mats for both vehicles manufactured in South Africa and imported from overseas.

Feltex Fehrer (74%)

Feltex is in partnership with the leading international foam mouldings manufacturer, Fehrer of Germany and manufactures moulded polyurethane products to international specifications and quality standards. The product range includes automotive seat pads, armrests, headrests, wire frames, listing wires and bolsters.

Autoneum Feltex (49%)

A joint venture with the Swiss multinational Autoneum Automotive Systems group which has secured the continuity of technical expertise and produces heat shields and underfloor systems in Rosslyn and distributes noise and thermal protection systems.

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